My Finished Books

I am quickly coming the end of my children’s book illustration MA so in preparation for the final show (10th October) I sent both of the books which i have been working on over the past two years off to be printed. I now have a hardback copy of each of my books and I’m so happy with them. Seeing a book which you have but so much love and time into as a physical book makes all of the hard work worth it.

I have had a few queries about whether I will be selling hard copies of my books and unfortunately I can’t afford to buy hundreds of copies of them which is what i would need to do in order to sell them at a reasonable price. I will certainly look into buying paperback copies of the book which may have to be saddle stitched in order to lower the cost. If I ever do have my books in my shop I will let you know as soon as they are for sale.

Every Whale

For the past year, I have been working on this book and earlier this week I finally finished it. My drawing style has changed a lot since my first picture book back in 2016 and while I am so much happier with the final product, it has made the process of making a 32 page book a lot longer!

The book tells the story of all humpback whales during their first year as they learn from their mothers how to survive on their own. I first got the idea for this book while researching whales for my previous picture book which looked at 50 various animals from the smallest to the largest when my fascination with whales began to grow. In particular, humpback whales interested me. Learning about their close familial bond, group hunting staratagies and their annual migration which is the longest migratory journey in the animal kingdom made me have to tell their story in a picture book format.

The colour palete for this book took a lot of playing around with to get to a point where I was happy with it. As my drawings are all in graphite pencil, I found that brighter colours didn’t compliment the drawings and actually overpowered them a lot of the time. I experimented with colour behind the pencil drawings as well as for the water and that felt too digital. In the end, I decided to keep the pencil drawings as they were and only use the colour for the ocean and even then, I was keeping the colour fairly unsaturated to compliment my drawings and layering various textures over the top. I also found that this colour palette worked perfectly with the subject matter as it made the book feel quiet and calm.. if that makes sense?