British Mushrooms

For this illustration, I wanted to create something specifically with the purpose of being a print. Usually the prints in my shop are drawings which I have worked on for another purpose and then later thought that somebody may want to have the drawing as a print.

Autumn is possibly my favourite time of the year so I was feeling inspired to create a print that represented autumn in Britain and that’s when I got the idea to draw mushrooms. I drew common species which can be found in the UK and across the northern hemisphere such as the Fly Agaric mushroom and the Field mushroom. I drew these over the course of a few weeks from real life studies of mushrooms which my brother was kind enough to pick for me and various photos which I had scoped the internet for.

Once I had finished the illustration I was really happy with the end result and I had spent so much time on it that I wanted the quality of the end product to show the illustration at its best. Because of this, I decided to  make the print limited edition with only ten of them being printed which allowed me to print them at the highest possible quality and on the highest quality of paper.

If you are interested in buying one of these prints you can find them in my Etsy shop:

Croton Plant

I have wanted to draw a plant for a while as I love botanical illustrations and plants in general. A few years ago I tried one or two plant based drawings and could never get the colour to look right underneath the pencil so I had been putting off drawing another one ever since.

Where I was going wrong is that I was trying to get the colour to match the exact colour of the real plant instead of finding a colour that works best with my illustration. I chose to illustrate a Croton plant for two reasons. One reason being that I thought that the patterns on the leaves would be really interesting and challenging to draw and the other reason being that they are normally quite brightly coloured. If I could find a way of colouring this plant that works with my illustration style then adding colour to future plant illustrations should work too.

This illustration took several times longer than I expected it to but I feel like that’s the case with most of my drawings recently as my work is gradually becoming more detailed. Although I am not quite sure what I am going to use this drawing for at the moment I have learnt a lot from it and will feel more confident drawing plants in the future.

Coral Studies

In the next few months I will be graduating (hopefully) from my MA in children’s book illustration and looking for freelance illustration work even more so than I currently am. Because of this I wanted to have a wider range of subject matters in my portfolio as up till recently my portfolio was roughly 99% animal illustrations.

I have always had a strange fascination with seaweed when I find some washed up of beaches and I have tried on numerous occasions to bring some home so that i can do some pencil studies. I’ve never managed to keep the seaweed in tact by the time i get home as it’s either completely dried up or damaged in one way or another.

After watching the ‘Chasing Coral’ documentary fairly recently I was also fascinated by coral and the many different structures which they have to suit their surroundings. For months I have been wanting to do studies of seaweed and coral but was busy working on my book and a few other illustration ideas for my shop. So, when I finally got a free week i knew exactly what i wanted to work on.

I have done 2 coral studies at the moment and will hopefully do some seaweed studies very soon. The two types of coral which i have drawn so far are a cauliflower coral and a toadstool coral which is a soft coral structure.

Cauliflower coral
Toadstool coral

Every Whale

For the past year, I have been working on this book and earlier this week I finally finished it. My drawing style has changed a lot since my first picture book back in 2016 and while I am so much happier with the final product, it has made the process of making a 32 page book a lot longer!

The book tells the story of all humpback whales during their first year as they learn from their mothers how to survive on their own. I first got the idea for this book while researching whales for my previous picture book which looked at 50 various animals from the smallest to the largest when my fascination with whales began to grow. In particular, humpback whales interested me. Learning about their close familial bond, group hunting staratagies and their annual migration which is the longest migratory journey in the animal kingdom made me have to tell their story in a picture book format.

The colour palete for this book took a lot of playing around with to get to a point where I was happy with it. As my drawings are all in graphite pencil, I found that brighter colours didn’t compliment the drawings and actually overpowered them a lot of the time. I experimented with colour behind the pencil drawings as well as for the water and that felt too digital. In the end, I decided to keep the pencil drawings as they were and only use the colour for the ocean and even then, I was keeping the colour fairly unsaturated to compliment my drawings and layering various textures over the top. I also found that this colour palette worked perfectly with the subject matter as it made the book feel quiet and calm.. if that makes sense? 

Manchester Bee Print

As I am a Manchester based illustrator I felt that I was obliged to draw a worker bee – the symbol of Manchester since the industrial revolution. Over the past year, the bee is probably my most requested drawing and I love drawing the detail in small insects.

I am currently getting a number of print samples from various printers to find a decent printers that wont break the bank and when I do, these along with a number of other new prints will be added to my easy shop. I decided to have a black and white illustration as well as the coloured illustration in my shop because I think it look equally as good and the yellow may not match everyone’s walls.

I’m really happy with how these have turned out and I would love your feedback as well as any suggestions for future prints.


31.05.2018: Puffin

I’ve been looking a lot at birds recently. A few months ago i bought a massive book full of Audubon illustrations who drew hundreds of birds in his lifetime so that could have something todo with it.

I’m really happy with how this drawing turned out and the splash of colour is a refreshing addition for me and I might be introducing some more into my work, especially now that it’s summer!


Every now and then, I get the urge to draw something a little outside my comfort zone (whales and polar bears). I think that this is necessary when it comes to illustration as it allows your work to progress and remain exciting to you.. plus it never hurts to expand your portfolio.

Why cocktails? I love sitting down at a bar and looking through the drinks menu and seeing that every aspect has been carefully designed, down to the illustrations in the menu. Therefore, it has been a dream brief of mine for as long as I’ve been drinking to design a cocktail menu.

So far, I have drawn a gin & tonic and a cosmopolitan and am pretty happy with how these have turned out as I haven’t drawn an inanimate object for at least 3 years! The colouring isn’t perfect and my ice cubes definitely leave a lot to be desired but I really enjoyed drawing them and will hopefully get more confident the more I draw.

Once I have a sample of 5-10 drawings that I am really happy with, I will send these off to bars and hopefully have a chance to work on my own menu.

Threatened Species Project: Whale Shark

I have wanted to start blogging for a while now as I wanted a way of documenting my working process and a place to show current work for projects which won’t be finished for months to come.

I wanted to begin with this whale shark drawing as it is one of my favourite drawings to date as I love whale sharks and think that the range of tones on him look really striking. While I was working on a book project, I had an idea for an ongoing project, whereby I would draw various threatened/ endangered animals when I wanted a little break from my book (even though my book project involved drawing animals too!).

So far for this project, I have drawn a whale shark and a snow leopard and have been selling them as prints in my Etsy shop and I will be donating some of the profits to various animal conservation charities.