Unedited drawings: Part 1

I love to draw on a variety or interesting papers so my drawings are often not on a crisp white or untextured background. Because of this, I edit the majority of my drawings to give them a cleaner background which changes the drawing itself ever so slightly even though I always try to make the final digital version as close to the physical drawing as possible.

You can use the best scanner in the world and have your illustrations printed at the best printers but nothing’s quite the same as the original drawing. Therefore, I thought that it would be nice to share some of my drawings totally unedited, how they are straight from the scanner (with a few tea stains and smudge marks).

These particular drawings were used for the first children’s book I worked on during my children’s book MA ‘A Natural Order’. The book showed 50 various animals in size order and to scale.

British Mushrooms

For this illustration, I wanted to create something specifically with the purpose of being a print. Usually the prints in my shop are drawings which I have worked on for another purpose and then later thought that somebody may want to have the drawing as a print.

Autumn is possibly my favourite time of the year so I was feeling inspired to create a print that represented autumn in Britain and that’s when I got the idea to draw mushrooms. I drew common species which can be found in the UK and across the northern hemisphere such as the Fly Agaric mushroom and the Field mushroom. I drew these over the course of a few weeks from real life studies of mushrooms which my brother was kind enough to pick for me and various photos which I had scoped the internet for.

Once I had finished the illustration I was really happy with the end result and I had spent so much time on it that I wanted the quality of the end product to show the illustration at its best. Because of this, I decided to  make the print limited edition with only ten of them being printed which allowed me to print them at the highest possible quality and on the highest quality of paper.

If you are interested in buying one of these prints you can find them in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LaurenFitton?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Manchester Bee Print

As I am a Manchester based illustrator I felt that I was obliged to draw a worker bee – the symbol of Manchester since the industrial revolution. Over the past year, the bee is probably my most requested drawing and I love drawing the detail in small insects.

I am currently getting a number of print samples from various printers to find a decent printers that wont break the bank and when I do, these along with a number of other new prints will be added to my easy shop. I decided to have a black and white illustration as well as the coloured illustration in my shop because I think it look equally as good and the yellow may not match everyone’s walls.

I’m really happy with how these have turned out and I would love your feedback as well as any suggestions for future prints.


31.05.2018: Puffin

I’ve been looking a lot at birds recently. A few months ago i bought a massive book full of Audubon illustrations who drew hundreds of birds in his lifetime so that could have something todo with it.

I’m really happy with how this drawing turned out and the splash of colour is a refreshing addition for me and I might be introducing some more into my work, especially now that it’s summer!