Coral Studies

In the next few months I will be graduating (hopefully) from my MA in children’s book illustration and looking for freelance illustration work even more so than I currently am. Because of this I wanted to have a wider range of subject matters in my portfolio as up till recently my portfolio was roughly 99% animal illustrations.

I have always had a strange fascination with seaweed when I find some washed up of beaches and I have tried on numerous occasions to bring some home so that i can do some pencil studies. I’ve never managed to keep the seaweed in tact by the time i get home as it’s either completely dried up or damaged in one way or another.

After watching the ‘Chasing Coral’ documentary fairly recently I was also fascinated by coral and the many different structures which they have to suit their surroundings. For months I have been wanting to do studies of seaweed and coral but was busy working on my book and a few other illustration ideas for my shop. So, when I finally got a free week i knew exactly what i wanted to work on.

I have done 2 coral studies at the moment and will hopefully do some seaweed studies very soon. The two types of coral which i have drawn so far are a cauliflower coral and a toadstool coral which is a soft coral structure.

Cauliflower coral
Toadstool coral